Makeup Removal 101

Bioderma + Shiseido Facial Cotton. A match made in makeup removal heaven.

Most Americans might not know about Bioderma, a cleansing water used on photo shoots and backstage at fashion week worldwide. What this does is it gently removes makeup, even eye makeup, with no oily residue whatsoever. It literally feels like you’re putting water on your face. Sensitive skin people, rejoice! On lazy days when I don’t want to use a cleansing oil or a balm, I simply take some Bioderma on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. That’s it. This is where the Shiseido Facial Cotton comes in. I know – luxury cotton pads? But this is 100% natural cotton and extremely soft. Think of it like little pillows on your skin that never leave those annoying bits of cotton all over your face like the cheap ones do.

One of my favorite ways to use Bioderma is with a q-tip to clean up and even out eye liner. An easy, perfect cat eye every time.

You can purchase the Shiseido pads at Sephora for $10 which is not a bad price for 165 sheets. I purchase my Bioderma from Beautylish which is one of my absolute favorite online retailers.