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mud33 In My Kit | Lips

My pro kit is such a special thing to me. Besides the fact that there are thousands of dollars invested in it, I just love makeup. And no matter if it’s a a must have from a new collection or an oldie but a goodie, i’m all about a lip. So today i’m going to take you into the Makeup Designory lipstick holder that houses a few of my favorites. It’s super simple to depot them by the way. I just scrape them out of the tubes and pop them in. Nothing fancy over here! Enjoy.

mud3 In My Kit | Lips

Don’t mind the mess. Nobody said that being a Makeup Artist is a glamorous job. So there is a good mix of high-low in here with CoverGirl, Revlon, Makeup Designory, and Hourglass. I find all of these formulas do the job just as well as any Chanel lipstick would. My favorites in here are Revlon Black Cherry for a vampy lip, Hourglass Muse for a super unique and trendy coral, and Revlon Ravish Me Red which is a Kourtney Kardashian favorite (if that matters).

mud1 In My Kit | Lips

The other side houses four Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipsticks. This is such a beautiful formula that hydrates and really lasts a while on the lips. Great for photo shoots. The three on top are nudes that fit a lot of different skin tones. Fable is perfection for light-medium girls. I love to mix Fable with a little bit of Mural for a “my lips but better” look.

I know this side is looking quite sparse. I have a lot of tubes that need to be de-potted! Will get on that soon. Let me know if you like these little peeks into my kit. I know I love seeing what other artists lug around in theirs.

XOV In My Kit | Lips

Makeup Removal 101

BIODEMRA Makeup Removal 101

Bioderma + Shiseido Facial Cotton. A match made in makeup removal heaven. Most Americans might not know about Bioderma, a cleansing water used on photoshoots and backstage at fashion week worldwide. It’s clearly French hence the “what does this say?” writing all over the bottle. Anyways, what this does is it gently takes off your makeup, even eye makeup, with no oily residue whatsoever. It literally feels like you’re putting water on your face. Sensitive skin people, rejoice. On lazy days when I don’t want to use a cleansing oil or a balm, I just take some Bioderma on a Shiseido pad, wipe all over and wash. That’s it. This is where the Shiseido Facial Cotton comes in. I know - luxury cotton pads. But this is 100% natural cotton and extremely soft. Like little pillows on your skin.

You can also use Bioderma with a q-tip to clean up and even out your liquid liner. Easy, perfect cat eye. You can  spot clean your brushes with it too, but why waste it? This stuff is not cheap where I purchase at $30 for $200 ml and $40 for 500 ml.

You can purchase the Shiseido pads at Sephora for $9.50 which is not a bad price for 165 sheets. Now the Bioderma is a bit harder to find in New York City. I have a spot though! Look for it in an upcoming Downtown Destination post, where I take you to my favorite beauty spots in downtown Manhattan.

XOV Makeup Removal 101

Does This Lipstick Make My Butt Look Fat?

AKA “What’s In My Bag.” This bag is a little gem I picked up at the Union Square Market over the holidays.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the woman who makes it, which i’m kind of kicking myself for. It’s the perfect size for a couple of essentials and is definitely a conversation starter when friends see it. Enjoy.

IMG 0987 Does This Lipstick Make My Butt Look Fat?

Isn’t it cute?! I just love it. On to the important part – what’s inside!

IMG 0995 Does This Lipstick Make My Butt Look Fat?

I always carry a concealer, no matter what. Somehow it’s the first thing to disappear from my face midway through the day. I love the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for quick touch ups. Provides such a nice coverage but it never looks heavy, even on top of already powdered makeup. I use the shade Vanilla.

Another necessity for me is a mini perfume. We all have those perfume samples just sitting around, might as well put them to good use and throw them in your makeup bag. I’ve been using Versace Bright Crystal for years and I still love it. This one’s almost done though so I think next up is a Creed sample i’ve been meaning to try it.

As for lips i’ve been obsessed with these new Tarte Power Pigments that came out recently. I have the color Exposed which is a perfect pinky-nude. It’s a twist up pencil and so easy for on the go. The formula really stays for a couple of hours so you don’t have to reapply too often. Obsessed.

Also from Tarte is their Smolder Eyes eyeliner in Taupe. Just smudge a bit onto the top and bottom lash line for a quick smokey look. This is such a gorgeous color but I do believe it was limited edition over the holidays.

Last is a total necessity for me. Hand cream. I’ve been using Hand Food from Soap and Glory for years. My mom got me a fresh one for Christmas (thanks mom!) and i’ve been using it nonstop. My hands get so dry, especially in this awful weather, and this is such a life saver. Super hydrating, but so lightweight and smells like absolute heaven. Definitely recommended.

That’s all for my makeup bag right now. I don’t think anything will be replaced any time soon. If it does, i’ll be sure to let you know!

XOV Does This Lipstick Make My Butt Look Fat?

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