A few of my favorite things in July

IMG 1161 A few of my favorite things in JulyI can’t believe how quickly this summer is flying by. We’re about to hit August and I haven’t stepped foot on a beach once (#manhattangirlproblems). If there’s one thing I do love about summer though it’s the effortlessness. “No makeup makeup” has become my specialty whether I’m walking through the farmers market, lunching al fresco, or browsing my local Sephora for the 800th time. Here are some things I’ve been loving this July:

Tarte’s BB tinted treatment 12 hour primer has¬†been a life saver for out-the-door-in-10-minutes days. It’s so lightweight but actually covers up redness and imperfections. I know right, a BB cream that actually covers. Shocking. This is a 12 hour primer (not so sure about the 12 hour claim) so sometimes I do use it as a primer but most times I use it on its own and feel great about it. It’s mattifying, pore smoothing, and provides SPF 30. Such a necessity for summer. I even have my mom hooked on it!

The Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil has been a favorite of mine for years. I first got into¬†this a while ago when I worked at Space NK. Recently I repurchased and fell back in love. The scent alone will make you buy it. I love it for when I’m on second or third day hair and I feel like I need some shine and hydration. Spray a few spritzes onto the ends, wet or dry hair, and breathe in that heavenly scent. Also helps with frizziness which I get when I go a few days with dry shampoo in my head (whoops).

Another product that I’ve used for years and years and will never be without is the Bare Minerals Well Rested, the powdered concealer to end all powdered concealers. Super brightening, with a yellow tint to it. It does exactly what the name says, for the first time in makeup naming history. It even has SPF which is a nice bonus. This concealer comes in a ton of shades but Well Rested is definitely the one to have. A must!

And finally, the little pink egg shaped sponge that we all know and love. The Beauty Blender. Whenever I wonder why my makeup doesn’t look good I remember it’s because I’m not using this. I picked mine back up this month and thank god I did. This is just the ultimate for blending in concealer and foundation. There’s not much more to say. Also, have you seen Beauty Blender’s new sponge? The micro mini! Adorable and for some reason I feel like I need it, of course.

An SPF Add-on

A few weeks ago I spoke about two of my favorite sunscreen products. As it gets hotter and hotter in NYC, I’ve been looking for even more protection for throughout the day.

IMG 1136 An SPF Add on

That’s where the Goldfaden Sun Visor comes in. An oil-free SPF 30 MIST!¬†Love a good mist. I use this after foundation and it kind of sets it for you as well as adding that extra layer of SPF. It has a really light texture and it’s fragrance free so it doesn’t mess with makeup or irritate the skin. This is also obviously perfect for taking with you in your bag and giving yourself some protection throughout the day when your sunscreen has definitely worn off. Does anyone actually reapply sunscreen every two hours like you’re supposed to? Not me. That’s why this is so brilliant. You need this!

Wishlist Wednesday

Fotor07152215321 Wishlist Wednesday

A couple of new items are on my radar this week – along with some oldie but goodies. I’ve used the Joanna Vargas Daily Serum in the past and loved it. Joanna Vargas is a professional celebrity facialist and has a clinic here in NYC. Her products are natural and she calls this serum ‘green juice for your skin’. Plus it smells unreal.

I recently tried out the Living Proof Amp Instant Texture Volumizer at Sephora and it gave me serious…instant volume. A cream texture that you rub under your hair, a great alternative to a spray texturizer. I think I need this.

Browsing through Sephora’s website (as usual) I found their new¬†Ultimate Oil-in-gel Lipstick Remover. Something interesting that i’ve never seen before. An oil based remover that you put on for 30 seconds and breaks down your long wearing lipstick. Definitely a cool concept and not bad for $9.50.

The Kylie Jenner lip trend has really taken off and I’m not gonna lie, I am into it. I have a few liners/lipsticks that are pretty spot on but I know that Makeup Forever’s lip liner in 3C is a great brownish nude that the Olsen twins are big fans of.

Dark circle miracle? Hopefully with the new-ish First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy, a pink-toned eye cream that provides some nice long-term anti-aging benefits as well. Love the stainless steel applicator that supposedly mimics the pinkie finger, making it super gentle and easy to blend.

The most exciting find is from this brand called Hum, which just popped up at Sephora online (again, I know) and is getting rave reviews. Their Daily Cleanse is supposed to clear the skin and body from toxins. Sounds good to me. Add to Basket.

What’s on your wish list? I’m always up for recommendations!

Maracuja Oil Obsession

Maracuja2 Maracuja Oil Obsession

If there’s one thing I love more than makeup, it’s skin care. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times – good makeup starts with good skin¬†– I know, but it’s true. One of my favorite skin care gems is Tarte’s Maracuja Oil. In my opinion, many times when cosmetic companies dip their feet into skin care, it’s nothing special. Tarte stuck with their natural ways and made a 100% organic oil which I now think of as one of their best products. Maracuja oil comes from the passion fruit and is super rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C. You can use it morning and night but it is way too hot here in New York to be putting oil on my face in the morning. So at night after I tone with my First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, I drop out about 3 or 4 drops and gently press this into my skin. Not rubbing, just pressing. I love that you can take this all that way around the eyes to give that area some extra hydration as well. The best part about it is that it sinks in right away and never leaves me feeling like a greasy mess (I‘m looking at you,¬†argan oil).¬†When I wake up in the morning my skin feels hydrated and actually looks brighter. It also works for all skin types so whether you’re oily, dry, acneic, or worried about wrinkles, this fits the bill. ¬†Bonus tip – in a pinch it removes makeup really well!

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