MAC Shadow Palettes

┬áThere’s something about a custom MAC eyeshadow palette. All 15 them in their perfectly depotted slots. I love how you can put together colors that you would never see in a traditional palette. Today i’m going to break mine down for you. Enjoy.

This is my first ever MAC palette. I, of course, went for the fun colors at first. I believe my first color was Black Tied, the glitter-filled black on the bottom right. I don’t get a ton of use out of this but I do think it’s gorgeous. Notice how there is no sign of MAC Carbon, their matte black. I don’t care for it. The rest of the bottom row are also my “fun colors.” Crystal is super unique. Adds a nice pearlescent sheen when popped over a black shadow. Club is my favorite duo-chrome which turns from a reddish brown to a green depending on the light. Love it. Although Wet and Wild does a spot on dupe in their Comfort Zone palette. Print is a great grey to have. It can really change up a smokey eye. Beauty Marked looses most of it’s shimmer when applied, which is why I love to run it on my lower lash line. The hint of purple makes my green eyes pop nicely.

I think the neutral colors are my favorite and most used colors in the palette. Omega is a perfect brow color for a blonde/soft brunette. Perfect. And Soft Brown is a must for anyone in need of a transition shade. Kid and Samoa Silk are great for transition shades too. You don’t need both Kid and Soft Brown. Espresso is my favorite for defining the lower lash line or adding definition to my outer corner. Brule, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters,┬áSatin Taupe and Wood-Winked are both super easy to sweep all over the lid, add mascara, and be done. Can you tell that’s my preferred way to do my makeup?

First of all, I hate MAC’s newer palettes. So hard to get the shadows out. But nonetheless, it houses these four guys quite nicely. Tilt is a pretty light blue that I pretty much never use but couldn’t resist how beautiful it swatched in store. Same goes for Contrast and this unknown limited edition color. Now Cranberry is a different story. A must for green eyed girls (and all girls if you ask me) for it’s way of making your eyes pop. It looks really intimidating but it’s so easy to pull off. A must have.

I definitely need to fill up my second palette. Any thoughts on must have shadows from MAC? I’m also thinking about trying Makeup Geeks shadows, which are the same size but way more wallet friendly.