In My Kit

Being a professional Makeup Artist means having an excessive and ever-growing makeup kit. I like to fill it to the brim with as much as I can, just in case. In My Kit will feature the products, um, in my kit. Enjoy.


Today we’re focusing on the blushes I keep in my kit. Blush is one of my favorite products because it can add so much life to the face. Here I have a MAC palette with 6 blushes that range from a soft lavender to a bright, matte orange. Most are permanent except for Full of Joy and Modern Mandarin. I buy them in pan form because they’re cheaper and easier to pop right into a palette.

For brushes my two favorite blush brushes are the MAC 128 and the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush (which I also love for loose powder). I like an angled brush too but I think these rounded brushes really fit into the cheekbones quite nicely.


Another palette that I have is a Z-Palette which houses 3 Benefit blushes. I love Z-palettes so much since i’m such a big fan of depotting products. I like them to all live together.

I keep Benefit’s Coralista, Dallas, and their bronzer, Hoola in my kit. Dallas is such a beautiful neutral, while Coralista adds a perfect peachy pop to the cheeks. Hoola is a great bronzer for contouring and adding warmth to the entire face. Benefit’s blushes are super soft and easy to work with. I’ve been eyeing Hervana lately, a soft pink, similar to MAC Well Dressed.

There are so many more blushes that I use, but I these are the ones I always go back to. So easy to use and such great textures. I highly recommend checking out MAC and Benefit for great blush options. NARS, as well. Next up, i’m going to show you my lip palette. Stay tuned!

  • I keep changing my mind about whether to depot my mac blushes, but I think you’ve convinced me as the palette looks so pretty! If only full of joy wasn’t limited edition x

    • Victoria

      You’ll love having a palette. It’s so handy to have everything in one place! xo